CanampakDates Industries

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Address: Pakistan
Room No. 204/205, 2nd Floor, Chapal Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road, P.O. Box 6995 Karachi-74000, Pakistan
Website: http://www.canampakdates.
Phone: 00922132427338

About Our Business

Canampak Dates Industry has now gained an extensive experience of 25 years of exporting DATES to USA, Canada, England, Germany and other countries of the world and we enjoy reputation in the International Markets because of supplying quality DATES to Customers.

In fact, we have been exporting fresh DATES to foreign countries. It is an agricultural product, which is organic and fit for human consumption. It has been our earnest endeavour to supply QUALITY DATES to the entire satisfaction of our customers.

We have been exporting pitted and un-pitted dates in bulk packing. In addition, we also export dextrose-coated chopped dates, blocked dates, diced dates and sliced dates as desired by the customers.

We are well acquainted with the exports business and we fully understand the varied requirements and applications of our customers because we are continuously working as a team and as a family with honesty and in harmony.

Superior quality product, customers' service and satisfaction is our first priority and we are committed to supply the best quality DATES at the competitive prices.

We can provide you all sorts of specifications regarding our product "DATES". We process and pack our Dates at the standard especially needed by FDA & USDA.

We are also in possession of ISO 22000 issued by the approved International Agencies, which have visited and inspected our plant and factory and thoroughly check the method of processing dates. Our entire product is free of Genetic modification and that's why we are enjoying the reliability of our service and integrity of our product throughout the period we have been in this field. We are also in possession of Organic Certificate No. C810312 NOP-01 2009


We were awarded an Export Trophy by Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry for excellent export performance in the year 1985-86.


Our Canadian partner shipped the Dates Processing machinery, which we installed in our factory. Dates Processing Machinery consists of Washer/Brusher, Dryer, Sorting Conveyor and Metal Detector. But now we are replacing these machines with the latest ones and of late, we have imported a latest and computerized Metal Detector from China.


Dates are kept in fumigation chambers for 72 hours before packing.


Bulk (Loose) packing is done in print corrugated cartons with polybags inside. Net weight per carton ranges from 15 to 25 kgs. Dates are shipped in un-refrigerated 20' containers and the number of cartons per container depends on the size of the carton used.
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